Saturday, August 24, 2013

Latest MBA/BBA Final Year Projects

Visual Identity Effect on Sales in H&M
Consumer Perception Survey
Study of Institutional markets
Case Study on SIDBI – A Successful Financial Institution in SME Financing
Consumer behaviour in Apple’s App Store
Study on effectiveness of employee’s role in service delivery
Service Blueprinting
Ingredient Branding: In High Involvement and High Cost Product Categories
Customer Loyalty study
Effectiveness of promotion schemes
Inventories and the Automobile Market
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Pre-requisites for a successful Supply Chain Integration
Service standards
Improving service quality using service blueprinting
Job evaluation
Stress Management
Effectiveness of Training(Do it as Research Project)
Role of HRM Department in ERP (SAP/People soft)
Role of HRM Department in Growing Organization
Competency Mapping
Employee satisfaction
Financial Planning and forecasting
Dependence on external finance: an inherent industry characteristic?
Project Finance as a Tool for Growth
Creating Value through Financial Management
Cost Reduction and Control
Modern Trends in Project Management Perception
Knowledge Management in Project Management
Project Management Application Softwares
Project Risk Management
Project Administration

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