Saturday, August 24, 2013

Latest Robotics Final Year Projects

Bomb displacing robot with wireless video camera controlled form PC/Laptop.
Wall Climbing Robot: Mechanical Design and Implementation
Wireless operated war field land Rover that alerts on sensing planted Land Mines.
Building a Line Follower Robot
Wireless operated Fire extinguisher Robot with water jet spray.
A Climbing Autonomous Robot for Inspection Applications in 3D Complex Environments
Wireless operated War field spying Robot with night vision wireless camera.
Wireless Voice and image transmission robot for surveillance system.
Laser feedback control for Robotics in Aircraft Assembly
Wifi robot controlled from Android smart mobile phone.
Pick and place robot.
GPS and Digital Compassed based self navigating robot.
Computer Controlled Automated Small Vehicle
Modelling and Control of IR/EO-Gimbal for UAV Surveillance Applications
PC controlled wireless Multipurpose robot.
Flying Quad robot chopper with wireless video camera.
PC Controlled Wireless Robot.
Speech recognition robot with ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system.
Obstacle detection Robot with Ultrasonic Sensors.
Digital Compass and GPS based self navigating Robot.
Robot Controlled Wireless Audio-Video Streaming Camera.
Speech controlled wireless elevator system.
Zigbee controlled Boat with wireless video and voice transmission with night vision capability.
Autonomous Robot with artificial vision for obstacle detection.
Voice operated robot with speaker identification technology.
Accelerometer (Gyroscope) Controlled Robot. Accelerometer is MEMS based 3-axis tilt sensor that can sense the tilt in any of the 3-dimensions. The robot moment is controlled based on the tilt angle of the remote. No need to press any buttons for robot control.
wireless room freshener spraying robot with video vision.
Touch Screen Controlled intelligent robot.
Mobile phone Bluetooth operated robot (works with any java enabled phone).
DTMF based humanless Robotic boat control for ocean research application.
Live Human being detection wireless remote controlled Robot. (Useful for detection of terrorists hiding inside buildings).
GSM (SMS) Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot.
Live Human detection and alerting Robot.
Construction of flying Quad Rotor Chopper with Video camera surveillance system.
Remote Controlled Land Rover.
Smoke and LPG Gas detection robot with wireless control.
Bomb detection Robot.
Voice operated Intelligent Fire extinguisher vehicle.
Radio Frequency based remote controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it.
Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer/Gyroscope based self-balancing robot.
Servo motor controlled wireless video camera control system.
Mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control.
Radio Frequency (RF) Controlled Wireless Robot.
Infrared Light tracing Robot (TV Remote controlled).
Android mobile phone controlled bluetooth robot.
Visible light follower Robot.
Human-robot interface using robust speech recognition.
Accelerometer (Gyroscope) Controlled Robot.
DTMF based Mobile phone controlled Robot.
Obstacle detection robot with mechanical sensing switches.
Computer controlled Pic and Place Robot (wired or wireless).

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